Environmental and climate policy

Halsängs Stängsel AB develops and manufactures products for perimeter protection such as gates, fences, posts etc.

Based on our values, we develop our business, our employees and our offer and products to our customers.

Our environmental and climate policy describes the principles for how we together develop our operations and products to the minimum possible environmental impact and to contribute to the sustainable development of our society.

Products for the future
Our products are developed with high environmental and climate ambitions. To achieve success, the work is done together with both internal and external resources.

Method and competence
In order to ensure the right competence and commitment in the organization, regular training, exchange of experience and external monitoring take place.

External requirements
Laws, regulations and contract requirements are followed as a minimum level. In our offering of sustainable solutions, there is a constant development towards climate-smart alternatives.

Our high standards apply not only to ourselves but also to our partners and subcontractors. The development of our environmental and climate work is done in collaboration with our customers, partners and suppliers.


Jan-Olof Övergård