Sport Fields

Welded double bar panels and posts.


Safe and sturdy
Our fence system for sport areas, schools and public spaces is a good and proffessional fence solution, offering a sturdy and secure solution around the sport field.

Heavy construction
Heavy welded mesh panels with double horizontal wires and single vertical wires in HDG steel alternatively HDG + PVC coating (RAL 6005, RAL 9005). Posts with cover plates and noice reduction connector. Standard system heights: 3 m, 4 m, 5 m and 6 m

A combination with panels up to 2, 3 or 4 m, plus plastic net up to full fencing height can be offered.

Technical description

Double bar panels type 8/6/8
Horizontal wires: 2×8 mm
Vertical wires: 6 mm
Mesh size: 50×200 mm
Panel heights: 1030 mm, 2030 mm
Width: 2500 mm

Posts in HDG alt. HDG + PVC coating (RAL 6005, RAL 9005). The panels are fixed to the posts with full height cover plates for optimal quality. The posts are equipped with noice reduction connector.

System height Post section
3 m 80x40x2x3800 mm
4 m 80x40x3x4800 mm alternatively 100x40x3x4 800 mm
5 m 100x40x3x6000 mm
6 m 120x40x3x7000 mm

The system also include single or double swing gates in HDG alt. HDG + PVC coating for accessing the sport field.


  • Other RAL colors on request
  • Other mesh sizes on request
  • Posts with foot plate
  • Other system heights