Quality policy

Halsängs Stängsel AB develops and manufactures products for perimeter protection such as gates, fences, posts etc.

Based on our values, we develop our business, our employees and our offer and products to our customers.

Everyone who works in Halsängs Stängsel AB’s operations has a responsibility to follow this policy in their daily work.

Customer’s first choice
The foundation of our business is the needs of our customers. We work to ensure that each delivery creates the conditions for future business and as a good reference.

Customer in focus
Our customers are always in focus and our goal is to help both understand and present solutions that meet the customer’s needs. Our product will meet customer needs in the short and long term. Laws, regulations and contract requirements are followed as a minimum level.

High competence
Our expertise required to meet the needs of our clients and customers is high. Our organization’s competence and conditions are ensured through continuous exchange of experience and education.

Responsibility for our delivery lies naturally in our professional pride. We place high demands on ourselves, our suppliers, subcontractors, customers and partners. With good cooperation between all parties involved, quality deficiencies are prevented and together we create smart solutions.


Jan-Olof Övergård