Monitoring System

For remote diagnosis and easy access to your gates. Comprehensive system with administrative support for service sales to gate/door related service organisations.


Monitoring system
Monitoring System is a web-based system that automatically monitors all kinds of industrial doors, gates, barriers and bollards. The system provides service organisations with revolutionary options for an overview of all of their clients’ installations.
The gate/door reports any possible errors itself and calculates service dates based on actual usage levels.

How does it work?
Remote configuration – set and change parameters in the Monitoring system, such as the yearly clock etc.


  • Open/close via your mobile phone – Designate authorized personnel with
    permitted GSM access
  • Alerts & Notification – Defined alert notifications possible via GSM/SMS
  • Monitor your gates – Easy overview of your gates via the cloud and also via map
  • Forecast-based service interval – The system is able to calculate the date for the next service automatically, based on time of actual usage
  • Report & Statistics – All events and possible faults are automatically logged and the system shows the real cycle movement of each gate.
  • Yearly clock function incl. pre-programed national holidays – Will optimize your access and also allows you to make changes via the cloud

Benefits to service organisation

  • Clear overview of gate usage
  • Statistics for faulty components
  • Potential for more service visits
  • Gates report any faults themselves
  • Receive alerts about faulty components immediately
  • Automatic fault logging can show visits and reporting times
  • Streamlining of service schedules
  • Manual stages of the service process are automated
  • The system calculates the service dates itself, based on actual usage of the gates.

Benefits for owner

  • Simplifies and saves time
  • No more responsibility for fault reporting
  • Simple web administration of access for GSM opening
  • Greater control
  • Receive information both about alerts and when faults have been resolved, as well as operational data reports
  • The frequency of service visits can be adjusted according to actual usage
  • Security
  • Automatic monitoring of gates, minimises the risk of the wrong gates being opened by accident

Examples of functions monitored

  • Gate open/closed (with counter)
  • Photo detector
  • Safety edge
  • Vehicle detector
  • Load guard
  • Control box
  • Power supply
  • Open signal


  • 9-24V AC/DC
  • 8 sensor inputs
  • Counter for number of opening cycles
  • 2 closure relay outputs
  • Battery back-up
  • Pre-installed SIM card