Oden Motorized

Cantilever sliding gate for industrial applications with moderate traffic.


The wing
The ODEN cantilever sliding gate is an economic solution for applications with less requirement of opening/closing. It is produced in a fully welded construction with an under beam made of specific U-profile The welded gate frame consists of a square or rectangular horizontal tube and vertical square tubes. The infill consists of welded vertical square tubes 20×20 mm with a maximum distance between the bars of 100 mm.

The guide post and LOCK post
The standard lock post inside and outside is made of square profiles and is equipped with a catcher and base to guide and support the wing when the gate is in closed position.
The standard guiding post inside and outside is made of square tubes.

Guiding roller sets and guiding rolls
The wing is supported and guided by 2 roller sets with ball bearings, integrated in the under beam. One roller set is mounted on the base plate of the guiding post and the second roller set is installed at the rear end of the base plate allowing an easy installation.

Both roller sets are supporting the underbeam in order to guarantee a perfect guiding of the gate wing.
The lateral guiding of the wing is done by 1 horizontal guiding rolls with ball bearings; guiding on the top of the guiding post.
All rolls are made of high-quality Polyamide. The material guarantees a longevity and silent running of the gate wing.


Equipped with Halsang 24 V motorization type LOKE. The motor is brushless.
• 24V BLDC motor
• H106 controller
• Self-locking worm reducer in casted alloy housing
• Maximum torque of 52 Nm
• Easy release clutch
• Module 4 gear
• Rated speed of 0.25 m/s
• Synthetic oil lubrication – gears in oil bath
• 60 % duty cycle
• 2 sizes of the cabinet available
• Overcurrent protection
• Dynamic force analysis to provide safety operation
• Prepared for safety devices
• Adjustable soft start and soft stop
• Operating temperature from –30°C up to +50°C
• Power supply 220 – 240V VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
• Built in radio receiver 868 MHz
• Adjustable high of output gear shaft
• Stainless steel, powder coated housing


• Completely welded steel construction in HDG execution
• Tubular infill as standard 20x20x1,5 mm
• Extra external support roll for openings of 6 and 7 m
• Max standard opening width 7 m
• Max standard height 2,0 m
• Underbeam 120x100x5 guiding/end post 60x60x2 mm.
• Gate frame 60x40x2 mm
• Bottom profile 80x40x3 mm
• TÜV approved and in accordance with EN 13241-1
• Other dimensions on request


Posts and wing are hot dip galvanized or additionally powder coated. The standard colors are RAL 9007, RAL 9005, RAL 6005. Other colors are available on request.

Hot Dip Galvanised
Hot dip galvanised according to EN-ISO 1461.

Powder coating

Posts and wing can be polyester powder coated as an option.
Thickness of powder coating: between 60 μm and 80 μm.
Way of operation
Fully pre-assembled when delivered allowing an easy and fast installation on site.


• Overclimbing protection – dental strip on top of the wing
• Fence connection mounted on gate posts
• Coated execution in RAL color
• Halsang GSM monitoring system