Turnstile HBTI

Turnstile used for pedestrians with bicycle or disabled people in wheelchair.


Fast and safe
The turnstiles are designed for continuous operation and can be successfully used in areas with
high passage frequency. Developed for combined entrances for people with bicycles/disabled people. Suitable areas: airports, factories, commercial buildings, harbors, airports etc. Each spindle is operated by an individual motor/mechanism.
The turnstile has a rotating spindle with three arms (120 degrees) and a separate spindle suitable for bicycles/wheelchairs.

The two-way mechanism enables traffic control in both directions or in a selected direction.
The LED pictograms (red cross & green arrow) are well visible and situated on the cabinet indicating the status of the turnstile (locked/unlocked). The red cross indicates the passage closure, the green arrow indicates the passage opening. The turnstile mechanism allows a smooth entrance/exit and is equipped with a mechanical as well as a magnetic lock for optimal security. The spindle is motorized ensuring a smooth entrance/exit for the user. The turnstile can also be used as a normal pedestrian turnstile (no bicycle). For access of the bicycle/wheelchair gate an activation signal has to be activated (push button mounted on frame or media console).


  • Turnstile mechanism is made of high-quality steel and equipped with high quality bearings.
    Brake/locking system has a very short response time (from 0.03 to 0,12 sec ).
    In the event of a power failure, the mechanism will be automatically unlocked to allow a safe exit from the premeses, the entrance is locked to prevent entry.
  • Free gate passage 900 mm.
  • The steering (H104) has a wide range of options allowing various individual requirements
  • Easy access for service and maintenance in the cabinet
  • Illumination of passage as standard (steered by a light sensor)
  • Pictogram (red/green) as standard on both sides of the cabinet
  • Prepared for external card reader
  • Stainless steel spindle and cabinet as standard
  • Cage in HDG as standard
  • 15-20 pcs passages/min

Technical description

Total height 2,530 mm
Other dimensions: on request.
Power supply voltage 230V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption max 120 W
Current 0.52A, P=UxI
Feedback signal Potential free contact – no/nc
Opening signal Signal (max. 1 sec)
Operation environment -25o to +50o C
Weight 300 to 500 kg
Relative humidity Environmental 10-80%
IP protection rating 40
Cabinet Stainless steel, 1.5 mm
Cage Profiles 100x60x3 mm, 60x60x2 mm, 60x30x3 mm and 25x25x1.5 mm
Spindle core tube 90×3 mm
Spindle arms 38×2 mm